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Ryan McVay, Dane Scott and Cameron Rhodes discuss fishing conditions on the Gunnison River as of October 1, Salmon fishing, peg egg egg etiquette, floating etiquette, pheasant tails as bonefish flies, rod angle while fighting fish, breaking off fish to let them live, "working outta the cup", losing oars and breaking teeth, guide routines.

The boys are salty! Cameron Rhodes, Ryan McVay, and Dane Scott discuss fishing conditions as of August 7th, More super powers, tension at the boat ramp, shuttle window blowout, the "Dab" technique, banana on the boat and losing a rod, client etiquette, comments on blowing up spots, pro tips, kick plastic, Ryan needs to complain, second homeowners.

Warning! Coarse language! Ryan, Dane and Cameron
Subjects discussed: Conditions of the Gunnison River, high water safety, rig to flip, communication and setting clients up to succeed, fishing a spot a guide showed you, funny stories from last couple of weeks, bugs taste like fish, fishing super power.

Kristi Miller is a hatchery technician in Gunnison, CO. She was a former Guide for Duranglers in Durango, CO. She also guided in Alaska and Crested Butte, CO. Subjects discussed: Early life, Mark Engler, Guiding in Alaska and Durango. Kristi's passion for guiding and how it has led her to who she is now.

Warning! Explicit language! Subjects discussed: Finally some warm weather and a runoff, approaching new water, understanding new water and bug choice, Hooking into fish while boats go by, practice your lying, Fly box obsessions, High water options, Dane had a hell of a week, Pike fishing, don't stick your pecker in a sucker.

Subjects discussed: Winter is lingering, flow predictions, better be here when it turns green, what would say if..., here's my card, Ryan is famous...again, calling out the euro nympher, copenhagen jokes.

Subjects discussed: Secret dip can stash, fishing report for the Gunnison River, G-string vs. Squirmy Wormy, beers per hour, beers per bug, 100 fish days and the likelihood of having one, math is hard for a fishing guide, hook-ups vs. fish landed, two headed fish, Cameron’s rant about put in etiquette.

Cameron discusses fishing conditions around the Gunnison valley and catches up with Patrick Blackdale from Willowfly Anglers to discuss fishing the Taylor River tailwater this time of year. Got Worms!? Its Runoff!

Subjects discussed: The fugitive, committing grand theft, ski doos, fishing report for Gunnison valley. High water, April Vokey’s article on being a fishing guide, what it means to be a fishing guide. Pitkin hatchery.

Cameron and Ryan discuss what tippet is and how to properly use it. Show Notes

Ryan McVay, Dane Scott and Cameron discuss the “perfect” walk-wade setup. They discuss tips on how to set up a pack for different walk-wade situations. Show Notes

Ryan McVay joins the podcast again but this time as a co-host instead of a guest. COARSE LANGUAGE AND EXPLICIT CONTENT!

Kevin Alexander is a professor of biology at Western University of Colorado and specializes in Stoneflies.

Dane is a fly fishing guide in Gunnison, CO and a colleague of Cameron’s. He and Cameron discuss guiding as a career and entertaining stories from the river.

Cameron and Patrick discuss their top 10 favorite flies and how they like to fish them. Show Notes

Cameron discusses how he likes to set up his fly tying table making sure everything is where it belongs. Show Notes

Cameron whips up a couple Pats Rubber legs while enjoying a beer. Show Notes

Cameron discusses fall fishing techniques and how to be successful as the temps start to drop.

Cameron discusses a spiritual encounter on the river.

Cameron explains his ideas on how to clean up all of the clutter in your pack and at home.

Cameron discusses high water techniques.

Cameron sits down with Ryan Mcvay and discuss their recent trip to Andros Island Bahamas. COARSE LANGUAGE AND EXPLICIT CONTENT!

Cameron discusses how to fish the Kokanee Salmon release on the Gunnison River.

Cameron Sits down with the Gunnison’s head fish biologist for the CPW and discusses the Kokanee Salmon release and how the trout react.

Cameron discusses the benefits of using more natural looking bugs compared to bugs that catch fisherman and not fish.

Cameron hosts fishing guide Patrick Blackdale and discuss an upcoming fishing guide school his company is starting.

Cameron talks about his winter nymphing techniques.

Cameron and Ryan Mcvay drink some beers and discuss private land issues.

Cameron introduces himself as the host and walks the listener through the direction he wants to take the podcast.